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In order to remove the burr and sharp edge of cutting parts, to make the operation safe and protect the assembly surface for easy assembly, the chamfer is usually machined at the end of the shaft or hole.Chamfer Angle is 45°, can also be made into 30° or 60°, chamfer width C value can be determined according to the axis diameter or aperture check the relevant standards.

GB/T16675.2 -- 1996 pointed out that the chamfered corner in the part drawing can be omitted without causing misunderstanding, and its size can also be simplified to label.

2.Rounded corners

In order to avoid cracks generated due to stress concentration at corners such as the shoulder of parts, rounded corners are usually machined. The radius r of rounded corners can be determined according to the axial diameter or aperture table.

(1) return groove and stroke groove

In order to cut parts easy to exit the tool, the printer sheet metal cabinet to ensure the quality of processing and easy assembly with the relevant parts of the tight, often in the parts processing surface shoulder pre-processing out of the tool slot or overpass slot.Common thread retracting groove, gear shaper empty groove, grinding wheel overpass groove, planing overpass groove and so on.

General return groove (or overpass groove), its size can be marked in the form of "groove width x diameter" or "groove width x groove depth" (GB/ t16675.2-1996).

(2) the structure of the borehole

When drilling with the drill bit, the structural design of the processed parts should take into account the convenience of machining, so as to ensure the accuracy of the main position of drilling and avoid the breaking of the drill bit.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the most convenient working conditions for drilling tools.For this reason, the axis of the drill bit should be as perpendicular as possible to the end face of the drill hole. If the surface of the drill hole is inclined or curved, ningbo chassis sheet metal factory should pre-set plane boss or pit perpendicular to the direction of the drill hole, and the position should be set to avoid deviation or fracture caused by unilateral force on the drill bit

(3) bosses or pits

In order to ensure good contact between the parts during assembly, reduce the machining area on the parts and reduce the machining cost, the design of casting structure is often set up a boss or pit (or groove, cavity).The groove or cavity does not need processing, only processing its adjacent table







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