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Laser machine sheet metal shell

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Because the effect of the case sheet metal processing is very large, many professions are now using the case sheet metal.Sheet metal case is indispensable in the machine room, can be very good maintenance of sheet metal case equipment, in the description of the basic skills of the manufacturer is very pay attention to the description of sheet metal case.

Sheet metal case description and processing are comparative clutter, it is in the manufacturing time need to put some metal plate after craft method or is to use things to make it out of shape, described into the shape and size customers need.In this process, some parts need to be processed by welding and other methods, and the sheet metal equipment operation panel to meet the requirements of the description policy.Sheet metal case data selection is very stable, usually choose those relatively strong data.

Sheet metal case used by the sheet metal parts are mainly through laser cutting, metal bonding, plasma cutting, fine welding and other operations, it can be seen that the manufacturing process is how messy.This will not only ensure that the outside layout of the sheet metal case is reasonable and strong, but also can be extremely satisfied with the customer's needs, so that the sale of sheet metal case will become more powerful.

It is precisely because the effect of sheet metal cases is very important that the description and manufacturing of ningbo work station sheet metal factory are strict, which can ensure that the function of sheet metal cases can be displayed by zui





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