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Lathe shell

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1. Laser cutting

Laser cutting has good effect and precision cutting, laser cutting carbon steel prices and operation is very simple, it has the advantage of also is more obvious than the machine cutting, such as quick cutting speed, narrow kerf width, high smoothness of incision and micro deformation, small heat affected zone and high efficiency features, now cutting not only confined to the two-dimensional plane cutting, more toward 3 d three-dimensional cutting.

2. Laser welding

Laser welding can help us to realize the welding equipment such as casting, sheet metal powder processing and price of laser welding in gradually reduce the weight of the car body, and has the very high quality and safety performance, and the application of sheet metal processing technology, in addition in became the undisputed China automobile body processing technology.

3. Laser drilling

Laser hole drilling in addition to the larger diameter of the round hole is also suitable for the smaller diameter of the round hole, in some well-known laser hole drilling enterprises, can achieve the diameter of less than 0.2mm depth of 7mm hole processing.




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