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The processing steps of processing parts in the sheet metal workshop are as follows: preliminary test, trial production and batch production.During the process of product processing and trial production, it is necessary to timely communicate with customers and get the evaluation of the corresponding processing before the batch production of products.

Laser drilling technology is the earliest practical laser technology in laser material processing.Laser punching in the sheet metal shop is generally used pulse laser, higher energy density, shorter time, can be processed 1 micron hole, especially suitable for processing with a certain Angle and material thin hole, also suitable for processing strength hardness or higher brittle soft materials on the parts of the deep hole and tiny hole.

The laser can be used to drill holes in the burner parts of gas turbine, and the drilling effect can be three-dimensional, with a number of thousands.Perforable materials include stainless steel, nickel-chromite and HASTELLOY base alloys.Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, so it is easier to achieve automation.

Under the development of the laser drilling technology, laser cutting machine to realize the automation of operation, in the above sheet metal industry application changes the traditional processing method of sheet metal technology, realizes the unmanned, greatly improving the production efficiency, realize the fully automatic operation, driving the development of the sheet metal of the economy, in the aspect of perforating effect to promote the class a, processing effect was significant.





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