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Equipment shell sheet metal customization

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Sheet metal safety operating procedures, the main contents are:

(1) before starting work, operators should first clean up the site, such as sundries should be cleaned up in a timely manner.

(2) check the tools to be used in the process of operation, whether they are intact, whether they can be used normally, and whether the connection is firm, etc.

(3) when using machine equipment, such as machine tools, welders, etc., check whether the machine equipment is normal and intact, and whether the grounding is good.After all checks have no problem, can according to the specified requirements and procedures to start and use.

(4) welding rods used in welding operations should be dry, to avoid moisture.Also, the welding current should be appropriate.

(5) when conducting welding operations, personnel shall wear masks and protective equipment.

(6) if oxygen and acetylene cylinders are to be used, the oxygen and acetylene cylinders should be kept away from the source of fire and should avoid exposure to the sun and impact.

(7) to regularly check the gas cylinder, meter head and trachea, if there is a problem should be timely treatment.





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