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Sheet metal power cabinet

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Long-term storage of hardware machinery must sit down the following:

1. Before long-term storage, the machine must be maintained, repaired and cleaned thoroughly to maintain good technical condition;

2. To park in a dry room, or to park outside, precision sheet metal processing should choose a flat ground and paved with wood.Cover with a cover after parking;

3. The arrangement and arrangement of the parking place should ensure that the entry and exit of any machine is not affected by other machines;

4. Put the fuel control rod of the machine in the idle position, and put each lever in the neutral position;

5. Custody of the engine:

A. Drain the cooling water in the engine;

B. change the engine oil.The new oil is generally neutral, will not corrode the engine's metal parts;

C. fill up the fuel tank with diesel to prevent the fuel tank from rusting.Preservatives should be added if conditions permit;

D. Start the stainless steel sheet metal manufacturer of the engine once a month during the shutdown period, so that the machine can run for a short distance and new oil film can be established at the lubrication part of each part to prevent rust;Note: stainless steel sheet metal processing should be filled with cooling water before starting, after the end of the cooling water drain.

6. Anti-rust treatment:

A. Before long-term storage of construction machinery, according to the size of the surface anti-rust paint peeling area to determine whether it is the way to repair paint or repair with the whole machine repainting;

B. for the working device of construction machinery, the rust protection method for its bare metal is to apply butter.




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