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Sheet metal cabinet

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1. Electronic communication

Communication is rapid in recent years electronic profession career, also is currently using more professional sheet metal processing, because the vocational skills updates faster, product diversification and timely production characteristics, so in the face of market risk impact is bigger, the profession most some domestic and international famous companies to outsource sheet metal business, the company limited resources for skills development;Companies such as lucent, bell, ABB, nokia, Siemens, alstom, philips and huawei outsource sheet metal processing worth tens of billions of dollars a year.

Second, automobile occupation

Follow the progress of the domestic people's living standard, the car will walk into homes, which will promote the rapid developed, and the domestic automobile profession produce car manufacturers in expanding production scale, will certainly not center outsourcing transaction, so some auto parts will be outsourced to a professional sheet metal processing, for cars by its professional supply and distribution processing

Third, fine instrument professional medical sheet metal parts price

Precise instrument making profession is very strict to sheet metal processing profession's demand, it is almost to measure sheet metal processing company's skill, production and management level standard, meanwhile some fine parts are sheet metal processing company can't produce, import from abroad.

Fourth, the elevator profession stainless steel sheet metal cart

Elevator profession of some parts are Shanghai shengchen precision sheet metal parts, and the variety of elevator parts complex, each of the big elevator manufacturers, there are dozens of suppliers on the back for its distribution processing.




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