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Sheet metal processing future direction: low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and material saving

Stamping, sheet metal processing and production involves all aspects of the manufacturing industry, it can be said that a large range of shapes and processes vary.Over the past ten years, as China has become a world manufacturing center and a big consumer, stamping and sheet metal industry, as one of the basic industries of the manufacturing industry, has achieved unprecedented development.

American model: automated production is safe and reliable

Luo baihui, secretary-general of the international mould and plastic industry suppliers association, believes that the difference between Chinese and American stamping and sheet metal processing enterprises is the difference in automation and information level.

Firstly, the closed-loop controlled automated production adopted by American enterprises is more secure and reliable, which facilitates the maintenance of the whole production line.Enterprises have their tooling maintenance workshops, and various sensors are installed or embedded in the molds of sheet metal power cabinet. The application of these sensors greatly improves the safety and reliability of the entire production line.

Second, American stamping, sheet metal enterprises have a high safety awareness.The pressure machine is equipped with safety grating, when the workers are too close to the press, the pressure machine will stop automatically, so as to ensure the safety of workers.

Third, American companies have their own management information systems.The raw material suppliers of sheet metal electric test cabinet provide materials with bar code, which will automatically enter into the production database through scanning.As the raw material enters the processing process, the computer host at each processing stage automatically enters the processing information into the database, and this information will be attached to the final product.






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