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Sheet metal electric test cabinet

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Traditional metal plate processing technology USES shear stamping bending welding process or flame plasma cutting bending welding process.It shows significant incompatibility in the face of multiple, small batch, customized, high quality, short delivery orders.Laser cutting technology is a substitute for "shear crushing", with flexibility and flexibility.At the same time, most people think the cost is high.Ningbo sheet metal processing it is usually used to manufacture molded and (or complex) workpieces and samples (single or very small batches).However, as small-batch manufacturing has become more popular, the need for laser cutting has increased.

Re-examine the new sheet metal processing technology: laser cutting - bending - welding/riveting welding, laser cutting price due to the high flexibility and precision of laser cutting, 3D design technology maturity and popularity, users can learn new design and new process.Benefit from the goal of lower costs and shorter construction times.Therefore, the new sheet metal process starts with design: design laser cutting, bending, welding/welding.Here are some examples to illustrate the features of the new process.

1) under the traditional process, the workpiece consists of several parts.Now, a cut bend is complete.It can reduce the process, shorten the time limit and reduce the cost

2) provide special fixture for welding under traditional technology.At present, the parts between the use of woodworking boring process, accurate positioning, saving time, simple welding fixture, product deformation.It has achieved the goal of shortening construction period, reducing cost and improving quality.

3) multi-bending process is more and more popular in domestic box manufacturing industry.The advantage is the elimination of traditional reinforcements.It has a unique design and craft.So as to achieve high product quality and low manufacturing cost.In the actual process, also need to cooperate spot welding.

4) fine cutting and high precision with laser, one cutting (with micro connection) and four bending to complete the four workpiece.Break through the traditional design concept, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost.

5) due to the tenon structure, the chassis sheet metal process workpiece can be completed through spot welding process after bending.The workpiece deformation is small, no need to shape or polishing before spraying.

Due to the characteristics of the new process, advanced sheet metal equipment software support and design, laser cutting process, bending process.It supports 2D part design, tubular part design, bending part design (only supports 100 bending machines), 3D graphics development.The CNC program is transmitted to the specified machine over a standard computer network.



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