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Server sheet metal cabinet

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How do we determine alignment during laser cutting?Sheet metal power cabinet price should first analyze the characteristics of laser cutting method to determine the cutting edge.

Characteristics of laser cutting method for determining cutting edge: cutting is fully adapted to complex changes of covering parts, completely simulates the actual mold production situation, does not need manual correction, is fast, short cycle, good cutting quality.

The program of laser cutting no longer leaves manual correction, but the 3d machining program which is completely consistent with the theoretical cutting edge, is directly used for cutting products.It can ensure that the cutting process is always consistent with the actual state of cutting edge, there is no two-dimensional line can not be drawn.There is no manual intervention in the whole cutting process, which ensures that the products produced by each processing are consistent with the mathematical model from the source, thus reducing the cutting edge that needs several attempts to get to only 3 to 4 times.

Different from general software, laser cutting software is generally not sold separately, basically bundled with machine tools.Sheet metal electric test cabinets dominate the laser cutting machine market with NTC's five-axis laser cutting machines, which bundle primarily PEPS PentaCut software.The advantages of bundling with machine tools are as follows: the relevant data of machine tools have been customized in advance in the software to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the program simulation, and at the same time to ensure that the program generated by the user conforms to the requirements of the machine tools, so as to eliminate the possibility of colliding caused by the user's missetting.This kind of software appears especially simple, practical.

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