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Laser cutting, sheet metal processing three essential skills, find laser cutting, sheet metal processing to find Shanghai shengchen precision sheet metal co., LTD

Laser cutting technology, compared with other cutting technology, with high speed, high precision and high adaptability, small slit, small heat affected area (small deformation), precision small sheet metal manufacturers cutting end quality, cutting noise, weld area structure and performance and base material close to the advantages;Moreover, the processing only need simple fixture, no mold, can replace the use of complex mold punching and cutting processing method, can greatly shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost.For example, the oil screen can be slit;It can cut metal tube and plate, and the serious noise pollution caused by diamond circular saw blade can be reduced by laser cutting technology.

Laser quenching technology, also known as laser phase transformation hardening, is to use the focus of laser beam to the surface of steel material, make its temperature rise rapidly to the phase transition point above, when after you remove laser processing, as a result of rapid heat conduction of is still in the low temperature of lining material, make the surface under the fast cooling to the martensite phase transformation point, hardening layer.It has the advantages of fast heating speed, high quenching hardness, controllable quenching parts and no quenching medium.

Laser engraving machine laser seals machine, high pressure boiler tube, stranded tungsten wire, electric car accessories, high pressure boiler pipe, seamless tube, powder metallurgy, shuangli fused technology, laser processing surface is to use laser beam above the substrate surface heated to melting temperature, when the laser beam due to base material after you remove the internal cooling of thermal conductivity and make the melting layer surface fast cooling and surface treatment technology of solidification.Especially suitable for gray cast iron and nodular cast iron surface strengthening, improve wear resistance.

Laser processing and welding technology, compared with other welding methods, ATM sheet metal price, do not need electrodes and filling materials, can achieve localized heating, ensure high-speed heating.Because there is no mechanical contact during welding, the possibility of irrelevant substances falling into the welded parts is excluded, and the welding area is almost free from pollution.Can be high melting point, refractory metal or different thickness, different metal materials for welding.For example, the laser processing and welding of diamond circular saw blade and drill bit can improve the bonding strength between matrix and diamond cutter head, and has high geometric accuracy, which can be applied to dry cutting and overcome the phenomenon of tooth shedding.






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