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Sheet metal processing is to the metal properties of the plate processing, such as the use of plate can be processed into the chimney, drums, oil pot and other shapes of products we know.Sheet metal processing is more and more popular with many users, it will be the former we use plastic shell, through the sheet metal special processing method, can evolve into sheet metal production, so that the product is stronger than before, and use for a long time.

For each processing out of the product must have a processing process, that is, processing process, of course sheet metal processing is no exception, so the specific processing steps of sheet metal processing is what, stainless steel sheet metal technology is how to process it, below we say sheet metal processing processing steps.

Sheet metal processing methods are: non - mold processing and mold processing.Although they all have the same processing process, there are always the following points:

1. The design department shall design the parts pictures of sheet metal processing according to the requirements, and display them one by one in the form of 3D. The stainless steel sheet metal chassis is convenient for the processing department to process and fully shows the specific structure of sheet metal parts.

2, the pictures of the parts sent into the blanking processing, blanking way is very good, can be divided into: shearing machine blanking, punching machine blanking, CNC CNC blanking;

3, pay attention to the direction of riveting, can be through the press or hydraulic riveting machine to riveting sheet metal.

4, solid welding, welding to make a bump in the welding surface, so that the welding can contact the surface of the flat plate, welding to ensure the welding time and pressure and other factors.

5, sheet metal forming processing: mainly on the sheet metal bending, stretching, bending processing sequence is mainly from the inside out, from small to large, first folding special case and then folding general shape priority processing.

6, surface treatment: recently according to the requirements of customers in the sheet metal surface plating into a protective film, increase the adhesion of the lacquer that bake by automation laser cutting machine, sheet metal processing technology to get more step change, achieve no humanized operation, which saves labor costs, and greatly improve the production efficiency, improve the production quantity, for the future development of sheet metal, plays a significant role.





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