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Life is full of things that we are worth observing and thinking about, in our life chimney, oil tank oil barrel ventilation pipe elbow size head these indispensable things in our life have used metal plate, metal plate through processing made into various specifications of metal plate we need.It has brought about many changes in our production and life.The sheet metal processing in the industry have a professional term sheet metal processing, today we gilson machinery first introduce you to sheet metal, sheet metal is a kind of belonging to a steel products processing technology of cold working process, stainless steel sheet metal bending belongs to the steel processing industry, according to the definition of sheet metal, sheet metal is a relatively complete of sheet metal cold working process, through the cutting board, cutting board, joining together, giving shape to the working procedure such as such as our common cars in the street steel fuselage, is made by sheet metal processing technology.

Next, gilson machine to introduce the characteristics of sheet metal processing, sheet metal is thin steel, so it is relatively light in quality.Sheet metal processing through cold processing technology, sheet metal work table processing so it has a lot of strength, very hard.In addition, sheet metal is steel, can pass the current, has a good electrical conductivity.And in price for other steel processing methods have a good cost performance.



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