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The characteristics of precision sheet metal processing are briefly described


The profit period of sheet metal processing has passed, the cooperation of sheet metal processing is more and more serious, and the manufacturing enterprises have higher and higher requirements on sheet metal processing.How to choose an enterprise to face the closed sheet metal processing, undoubtedly becomes the manufacturing enterprises face the problem.


Face the characteristics of compact sheet metal processing plant: 1. Strictly comply with sheet metal processing process standards.If the cable in the electrical equipment is damaged, the maintenance should be stopped immediately.2.When workers enter the workshop, they are not allowed to wear sandals, slippers or high heels, let alone barefoot.3.When doing homework, the staff should do the real work, not the unrelated work.4.Operating personnel should wear protective glasses and masks during operation.5.When grinding wheel and corner grinder are in operation, there is no inflammable or explosive object around to prevent spark splash and fire alarm.6.After the completion of the operation, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off.



Strictly comply with sheet metal processing standards

1, parts overview, should first remove oxide skin, and check no defects or damage before the processing.2. If there is no requirement for invisible public service, it shall apply to gb1184-80.The allowable length error is generally within the range of <0.5mm.3. If high-frequency quenching is to be stopped, tempering temperature should be within the range prescribed by law and high-temperature aging treatment should be stopped.Before installing the parts, we must stop some necessary inspection and cleaning to avoid foreign bodies.In addition, we should stop examining its cooperation space and other areas.5. After the installation of gear, the clearance of tooth surface should meet the requirements of GB10095 and GB11365.



Address: No.236 Tiantaishan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo

Phone: 15658228286

Telephone: 0574-26857988

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