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What are the costs of ningbo sheet metal processing?


Hello, everyone.I'm small editor.Do you know metal plate processing?The sheet metal processing process tends to be more expensive, but the cost generally includes several parts of the cost, so what are these parts?Today's small edition for your analysis, hope to be helpful to you.


1. Raw material cost.Usually refers to the metal plate parts required metal plate net material cost.According to the part drawing, the length, width, thickness and density are enlarged. The material cost is equal to the material weight and the material unit price.

2. Cost of hardware accessories.Refers to the purchase cost of complete sets of locks, hinges, handles, nameplates, rivets or fastening standard parts as required by the product drawings.

3. Processing costs.Refers to the cost of processing products.Processing costs usually include depreciation and amortization of equipment used at each station, labor costs and auxiliary materials required for processing.


Blanking: plate shearing machine, CNC punch, laser cutting, plasma, special punch, etc.The depreciation and amortization cost of these blanking equipment, processing quality and accuracy, production efficiency are not the same.Molding: bending machine, plate winding machine, riveting or welding equipment, number of cutlasses, number of welds, welding requirements, welder skills, etc.Surface treatment: refers to electroplating, oxidation, drawing, polishing, spraying, screen printing and other costs.Packaging cost: purchase cost of packaging materials according to transportation mode and packaging requirements.Transportation cost: the transportation cost of each delivery batch is allocated to the cost of each product.Administrative expenses: organize and manage the expenses incurred in production and operation activities.Profit: it is the strong support of enterprise survival, stable development and better customer service.



Address: No.236 Tiantaishan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo

Phone: 15658228286

Telephone: 0574-26857988

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