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Talk about the new characteristics of precision sheet metal processing


In modern machinery manufacturing, it is famous for its advanced and efficient.At room temperature, the mould installed on the press exerts force on the material, causing it to produce separation or plastic deformation, thus obtaining the pressure processing method of the required parts.It is a major form with little or no cutting.Because work is usually done at room temperature, it is often called cold stamping.Because its processing material is mainly metal plate, also known as metal plate processing.

谈一谈精密钣金加工的新特点                      谈一谈精密钣金加工的新特点

In the work, a special stamping parts processing equipment is called stamping die or cold stamping die.In the process of metal parts production, reasonable stamping process, precision die and efficient processing equipment are essential.

Compared with other mechanical processing, metal stamping processing has the following new features:

1) complex parts such as car panels and doors can be obtained, which cannot be processed by other processing methods.

2) die can ensure dimensional accuracy, stable and consistent quality of processed parts, and high reproducibility.

3) secondary processing is one of the few or no cutting processes.Some parts can be directly pressed into shape without reprocessing.

4) the plastic deformation of metal materials can improve the strength and stiffness of the workpiece.

5) high production efficiency, easy to achieve automation. 

6) the mold has a long service life and low production cost.

7) precision sheet metal processing is easy to operate, but there are dangers in the production process.Safety must be paid attention to in operation.



Address: No.236 Tiantaishan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo

Phone: 15658228286

Telephone: 0574-26857988

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