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What are the processing technologies involved in precision sheet metal processing?


Stop searching materials before processing.Staff daily ordinary in the processing production era also needs to pay attention to grasp the characteristics of parameters and process, close sheet metal processing in the general stop processing manipulation, in the stop close sheet metal process processing era, the metal processing industry at the moment touched by the processing style variety of many.Madly to throttle when processing material, this kind of processing methods include more content than force, will also be able to reach the processing target, course after the processing of French can reach the yield target, the processing time will pay attention to the package edge clearance pick style and material results, etc., these are the main aspects of no to neglect, but before stopping sheet metal processing, the material of the open style to be accurate, is to this kind of style in the processing of wide scale than force, staff necessary advanced processing craft, needless to worry about the material not appropriate processing requirements and affect the yield mission pause environment.


When sheet metal processing still needs to pay attention to a few topics.And the material for processing and use, laser cutting processing factory in the stop processing production era, so to be able to ensure the quality of the material processing and processing accuracy, people stop ningbo sheet metal processing can complete blanking and blanking process, and sheet metal processing is one of the common processing methods.

Fiber laser processing: equipped with a 5kw laser oscillator, the machine can process all kinds of non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass, which is difficult to use traditional CO2 laser processing;Connect linear actuator, it can be in high speed machine sheet.

Welding: TIG welding, MAG welding, laser and arc welding, weldable 3d objects, from thin to thick (frame housing, base, square and round).

Optical fiber laser welding: through the process of optical fiber laser welding, welding quality than other welding is not high deformation;Please rely on the materials that are difficult to weld, because a 1.5-meter mobile vehicle system is installed on the machine, it can deal with all kinds of welding needs from small to large objects, from a variety of types, small batch production and large quantity production.


Clearing/assembly: this process consists of things being cleared/painted and assembled;Liquidation/painting department to stop processing and sheet metal painting;The assembly section assembles machinery, assembly, or equipment, and discontinues installation, testing, and protection;It can also stop wiring things, piping and plumbing.



Address: No.236 Tiantaishan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo

Phone: 15658228286

Telephone: 0574-26857988

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