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About precision sheet metal processing process


During sheet metal work, drawing is stopped by process software.Because of the way in the era of stop processing covers a lot of technology information and parameters, the processing of things is also higher than force to manipulate staff requirement, shears is cut into appropriate for sheet metal material, can also through the process of laser cutting and sawing machine to stop manipulating style, such as sheet metal processing in the machining process is closely hour than force agile and changeful.This kind of processing method mainly includes cutting blanking, bending forming and punching processing.Sheet metal processing process indirectly determines the quality of our sheet metal processing, but generally speaking, then wuxi region which sheet metal processing industry is more outstanding?Although it is our gilson machine, when we stop this operation, we can only finish the non-hole processing. In fact, this is a more general statement. At the moment, many industries and cities focus on this kind of process.


In the future, there will be more ways to choose when the processing of the sheet metal processing disposal, the operator must understand the various processing processes, punch can be cut into different shapes and sizes.Shanghai sheet metal processing is also familiar with the use of equipment and parameter information input, it will be previously we use plastic shell, so the processing of the product is better than the previous strength, simple speaking.The advantage of this type of process is that it is often necessary to stop sheet metal processing operations in both the parts processing unit and the industry when it is possible to reduce costs.It is necessary to link the actual needs to choose the appropriate control style, after the completion of the setting can stop the processing of the control, CNC machine tool can be connected to the parameter information set to complete the process processing!The advantage of this style is that it can promote the accuracy of processing.


Sheet metal processing is the metal properties of the plate stop processing, like the control plate material can be processed into the shape of what we know the chimney, bucket, oil pot and other products, sheet metal processing more and more by the preferences of many users.Sheet metal special processing methods, and the use of a long time, although in the era of stop sheet metal processing will touch a lot of processing process.In the era of stop processing will be through the process of cutting machine, punching machine, CNC blanking to complete the manipulation, and achieve the goal of promoting the effectiveness of things, things before the staff stop blanking needs to write a good numerical control formula.Ningbo sheet metal processing CNC blanking in the real production of things also have a very wide range of applications.



Address: No.236 Tiantaishan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo

Phone: 15658228286

Telephone: 0574-26857988

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