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Evaluation standard for processing quality of laser cutting machine


Laser cutting machine processing quality evaluation standards in China at present in the high-power laser cutting and coherent equipment technology has been very mature, but the independent research and development and use of compact laser cutting technology is still in the initial stage, ningbo sheet metal processing whether in laser cutting equipment is still processing technology depends on foreign import.Therefore, faced with the monopoly of the western rich countries, it is of great significance to grasp the production and manufacturing of laser cutting technology and relevant equipment for the growth of national industries and the progress of China's scientific and technological cooperation.激光切割机加工质量评判标准

Laser plus things for the 21st century progressive predecessors manufacturing technology, with broad prospects for growth.However, it is not mature as a growing reborn processing technology, and it has not formed a perfect set of practical and standard processes like the traditional processing technology.In order to stop laser processing, must stop the inquiry visit research, warning predecessors experience.Connect the reality premise, sheet metal bending process to take the most suitable processing process.The advancement of craft not only depends on the equipment system of high function and the premise of processing, but also needs to stop enriching the actual research and logical deduction, and connect with a large number of technological experiments and results.

In the process of laser cutting of ordinary materials, because the cutting rate is faster, the thermal deformation of the parts is very small, the size accuracy of cutting parts depends primarily on the machine precision and control precision of the laser cutting machine.In pulse laser cutting processing, the adoption of high-precision cutting assembly and control technology, the size accuracy can reach um level.

The quality evaluation of laser cutting has not been the same in the world.Sheet metal spray painting price up to now our country also does not have the scale that concerns laser cutting quality, the primary basis that detects laser cutting quality is JIS and WES (welding specification).In the CEN (European scaling agency) and ISO (international scaling agency), there are questions about scaling laser cutting.ISO9000 series quality assurance mode, mainly supplied by EU, on the laser cutting scale and the scale of sample delimit stopped research, its content includes: cutting quality grade respectively, set the sample and processing sample scale, optical system, the cost of the sample type and beam characteristics.

For laser cutting processing, the evaluation of its processing quality first includes the following principles:

1, cutting greasy, no stripes, no brittle fracture;

2. Narrow slit width, which is mainly related to the diameter of laser beam spot;

3. Good slit perpendicularity and small heat affected zone;

4, no material extinguished, no melting layer, no large slag;

5, password general coarse plating, general coarse size is the key to weigh the quality of laser cutting general situation.

In addition to the above principles, the status of melting layer and final forming in the processing process indirectly affect the above processing quality evaluation objectives.

The roughness of laser cutting mainly depends on the following three aspects: (1) the inherent parameters of the cutting system, such as spot form, focal length, etc.(2) cutting process adjustable process parameters, such as power size, cutting rate, help gas examples and pressure;(3) processing material physical parameters, such as the receiving rate of the laser, melting point, melt metal oxide viscosity coefficient, metal oxide general tension.In addition, the thickness of the workpiece also has a great impact on the general quality of laser cutting.Relatively speaking, the smaller the thickness of the metal workpiece, the higher the rough cutting profile grade.

In order to obtain a better general quality grade, it is necessary to stop optimizing the processing parameters such as laser power and cutting rate.In general, for materials with the same characteristics and thickness, the process parameters have a set of cutting process parameters.Also will draw differences in the code word profile quality.Metal materials have low melting point, large thermal conductivity, small viscosity coefficient of melt, and small general tension of metal oxide.Laser cutting plate, easy to measure the general quality, but stop suimi processing or cutting some large patterns, it is difficult to stop the indirect measurement, can only use the optimization of experimental parameters to its general quality control.Therefore, in order to facilitate the implementation of active cutting, the correlation between external optimization parameters and general quality grade should be established...



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