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Ningbo sheet metal processing domestic mold industry with the overall transformation of the machine tool industry


With the comprehensive transformation of machine tool industry, domestic mold industry is also in the process of technological innovation and product upgrading, and is actively exploring the market.In the same competition with international competitors, China mold industry give full play to its own advantages, and strive to occupy a place in the international market.

At present, the international competitive advantage of China mould industry mainly includes the following points:

1. Low labor costs and raw material prices make China the focus in the current international environment that urgently needs cost saving;

2. The gradual improvement of infrastructure offers the possibility of increasing market demand;

3. The transfer of the world casting mold industry center to China and the great opportunity of the widespread application of e-commerce have also brought great business opportunities for China's mold industry;

4. Strong support from relevant national policies should not be ignored.Domestic mold industry with the overall transformation of machine tool industry

In addition, ningbo sheet metal processing in order to maintain the advantages of China's mold industry, better enhance the international competitiveness, we can also start from the following:

Countermeasures to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese mould industry: pay attention to the cultivation of mould professionals and improve the quality of mould workers;Accelerate the development of related support industry technology content, improve the added value of mold;Optimize China mold product structure, industrial structure;Promoting independent innovation and implementing regional brand strategy;Develop industrial cluster and build mold industry chain;We will give full play to the guiding and supporting role of the government.

In recent years, China's machine tool industry has experienced rapid development, adjustment and transformation, the overall industrial transformation achieved initial results.China's machine tool industry, large arc sheet metal parts manufacturers, especially the development of CNC machine tools, the downstream demand has a great support.Its development and trend are closely related to economic environment.

During this period, China's machine tool industry developed three characteristics: the emergence of more large, medium and high-end machine tool products, and the product structure was significantly optimized.Secondly, the company's independent innovation ability has been significantly improved.Third, the operation of machine tool enterprises.The pattern has changed significantly.The company has in the past focused on product marketing rather than product development;It focuses on hardware, not software;It only pays attention to the product operation, does not pay attention to the capital operation, the operation efficiency improves obviously.

However, we must still see that behind many innovations and breakthroughs, China's machine tool industry still has many shortcomings, sheet metal cabinet shell price needs to be improved.For example, the industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools is not high, the market competitiveness is not strong;The production and manufacturing capacity of high-end machine tools is weak, and the development of numerical control system and functional components is slow.The industrial structure still needs to be optimized.







Address: No.236 Tiantaishan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo

Phone: 15658228286

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